Types of Injuries

Construction-Site Accidents

Construction sites are particularly dangerous places to work. Sadly, the laws designed to protect construction site workers from the every day hazards they face has not eliminated the risk. Almost every construction site worker has either been injured or knows someone who has been injured on a construction site.

Defective Product Claims

Products used in the work place, in recreation and at home can become very dangerous if improperly designed or built in the factory. Automobile designs change very rapidly in today's world. Products used in the design of automobiles that are not properly assembled, inspected or tested are often dangerously defective and can cause horrible injuries, even death.

Dog Bites

A bite by a dog is a frightening experience that can cause serious and disfiguring injury. If you or a loved one have been bitten, you may be entitled to bring a claim against the owner of the dog for your losses, including lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering.

Insurance Benefits Claims

Have you ever been denied insurance benefits?Often times, insurance companies will improperly deny these claims. If you think you may have a claim for insurance benefits that have been wrongly denied, our team of trial attorneys at Sugarman Law Firm can help you make that determination with a free consultation. Just call one of our personal injury attorneys directly to set up an appointment

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whether the accident involved a boat, motorcycle, snowmobile, truck, car, or even if you were a pedestrian struck by a vehicle, we are familiar with the complex principles used to determine the causes of an accident, the medical evidence necessary to achieve a successful result, and the vocational and economic principles carriers rely upon to evaluate and calculate losses.

Scaffold/Ladder Accidents

Almost every construction site worker has either been injured or knows someone who has been injured on a construction site. Although most injured workers will be entitled to receive workers' compensation benefits, those benefits do not cover all their losses (such as pain and suffering, a permanent disability, loss of livelihood, or a loss of earning capacity). In addition, the families of injured workers often face the prospect of lengthy and costly rehabilitation, loss of support and guidance,

Wrongful Death

A "wrongful death" occurs when any person dies as a result of the negligence of another person or business. New York has special rules for bringing wrongful death actions. In general, a representative of the estate must first be appointed by a court and given authority to act on behalf of the estate.