Insurance Benefits Claims

New York Personal Injury Lawyers

Have you ever been denied insurance benefits?

These days, most owners of homes, automobiles and businesses are covered by insurance to pay for losses if they are sued by an injured person; in the insurance industry, those kinds of claims are called "third-party" claims.

"First-party" claims are different. First-party claims are claims made by you, your family or your employees under a policy of insurance you bought to pay for losses you, your family or your employees may suffer. One example of an insurance policy that provides first party benefits is a disability policy. A disability policy is a policy that promises to pay you lost wages as long as you are physically disabled from working.

Other examples of first-party benefits policies and the benefits they provide are:

  • Workers' Compensation Insurance - Pays your medical bills and lost wages while you are out of work due to an injury that occurred at work.
  • No-Fault Insurance - Pays your medical bills and lost wages while you are out of work as a result of injuries caused by an automobile accident.
  • Loss of Business Income Insurance - Pays you for the profits your business lost while it was shut down due to a disaster such as fire or flood.
  • Property Damage Insurance - Pays for the cost to rebuild your house or business structure destroyed by fire, flood and other disasters. These policies also may pay for the cost to replace material goods lost in the disaster such as furniture, televisions, computers, etc.
  • Life Insurance -  Provides for a large monetary payment to a person, or persons, chosen by you to receive that money when you die.

Often times, insurance companies will improperly deny these claims. If you think you may have a claim for insurance benefits that have been wrongly denied, our team of trial attorneys at Sugarman Law Firm can help you make that determination with a free consultation. Just call one of our personal injury attorneys directly to set up an appointment.