Scaffold/Ladder Accidents

New York Personal Injury Lawyers

Construction sites are particularly dangerous places to work. Sadly, the laws designed to protect construction site workers from the every day hazards they face has not eliminated the risk. Almost every construction site worker has either been injured or knows someone who has been injured on a construction site. Although most injured workers will be entitled to receive workers' compensation benefits, those benefits do not cover all their losses (such as pain and suffering, a permanent disability, loss of livelihood, or a loss of earning capacity). In addition, the families of injured workers often face the prospect of lengthy and costly rehabilitation, loss of support and guidance, and a sudden change in lifestyle. If a worker has fallen from a height or has been struck by an object falling from a height, the injuries and losses can be particularly devastating.

The parties responsible for these types of accidents are often the owner, a general contractor, subcontractor, electrician, scaffolding company, or manufacturer of heavy equipment or safety equipment. Proper investigation of a construction site accident requires the attorney to investigate all potentially responsible parties and have a full understanding of the nature of the project, the trades involved, the evidence which must be preserved, the supervisory personnel involved, statements from eye witnesses, and copies of the contracts signed by each of the involved parties. The attorney must also be fully familiar with the applicable federal and state laws. Sugarman Law Firm has more than 90 years experience handling construction litigation claims and has the resources and expertise to make sure these types of claims are thoroughly investigated and the injuries and losses are fully assessed.

Whether the accident involved a person or an object falling from a height, a trench collapse. a ladder accident, a scaffold accident, a failure to provide safety equipment, or some other negligence, Sugarman Law Firm's team of personal injury trial attorneys are familiar with the complex principles used to determine the causes of construction site accidents, the medical evidence necessary to achieve a successful result, and the vocational and economic principles insurance carriers rely upon to evaluate and calculate losses. If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries in a construction site accident, there is only one chance to obtain full and fair compensation for your losses. To find out how Sugarman's team of personal injury trial attorneys can help, contact us to schedule a free consultation.